Faith is wonderful! She has a true gift of spiritual teaching! I have taken her classes and they are all so informative-perfect for anyone going through an Awakening! I feel AMAZING after a Reiki session with Faith! Her readings have helped me a lot, and are extremely informative! I would recommend Faith!!! 5/5 STARS!!!
Amy E
Chantilly, VA
I heard about Faith through a friend of mine. I was always curious about having a spiritual energy healing. I’m glad I got Faith to do it for me. It was my first time getting it and I feel more refreshed and clear minded than ever. I sleep much better and my energy level is much higher now. I can’t wait to get another one from her! Thank you Faith! What a way to start a New Year!
Ann C.
Los Angeles, CA
Before I contacted Faith, I was in a rough spot in my life, I was not feeling like myself. I had a bad break up and was still trying to heal from that. I purchased her Spiritual Cleansing package and after a couple of healing sessions remotely, I began feeling much like myself. She advised me on how to help maintain my new energy. My coworker asked me what happened to me because he said he has never seen me smile before. Thank you Faith for all that you do!
D.J. Hunte
Djibouti, Africa