How Reiki Can Help with Autism

Reiki helps in all different ways.

We may not always know how Reiki will affect a person, but that the intentions of Reiki are positive.

Autistic children verbal or non-verbal are gifted.  

It can get frustrating for the parents of an autistic child because their children are unable to effectively communicate their needs and wants.

And because of this, they are unable to release the energies of the way they feel, so energy gets stagnant in their physical body and their auric field.

That is where a skilled Reiki Practitioner can help to clear these stagnant energies from the child.

My son is also on the spectrum and benefits from Reiki.

Once I begin to send the energy through the palms of my hands and see the Reiki symbols in my mind’s eye, he begins to calm down.

Reiki clears away the emotions and energies that you currently feel that make you feel out of sorts.

A client of mine has an almost non-verbal child on the spectrum. He receives virtual Reiki from me at night while he is sleeping.

The next day, his mother says he seems much better by being calmer and wanting to be with his family more than being introverted.

Reiki can change people, it gives them the empowerment and motivation that they need to keep going forward in life.

In our everyday living, we tend to get wrapped up with many emotions, after all, we are human.

But in the spiritual world, you don’t need to stay in that vibration you are in.

You can make the choice of staying in the vibration of stressful emotions or you can make a positive shift by allowing Reiki to clear your stress and live a more fulfilling lifestyle.

Start your spiritual path today, by taking the opportunity of working with a Reiki Master to help you along your healing path.

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