Energy Protection in 4 Easy Steps

Have you ever worked at an office and a disgruntled customer comes to yell at you and then you end up getting just as upset as the customer? Well, a couple of things might have happened at that moment. You, as a possible empath, someone who is sensitive to other people’s emotions got depleted by this customer’s energy or maybe you also did not feel right, like you felt something was off before you handled this upsetting customer. But the important thing to do is really to protect yourself and your energy.

As a skilled energy healer, I will provide you four ways of how to protect your energy.

  • Visualization

Try to imagine, see and feel a “bubble” or a “shield.” It can be any size, thickness, shape, or color. In your mind’s eye, see yourself inside the bubble or shield. You can put as many layers as you would like until YOU feel protected.

  • Protection Crystal Gemstones

There are many gemstones out there, but these are the two I would suggest for the workplace. Fluorite absorbs and neutralizes negative energy and protects against psychic manipulation. Black tourmaline is a powerful protector stone with the ability to ground a space and clear it of negativity.

  • Boundaries

Tell yourself that no one will step over your boundaries. What energies you are willing to take in or not take in. You are in control of your own emotions. By having boundaries, you will be more firmly rooted or grounded in the situation so no one can try to sway you.

  • Affirmations

This can be effective if you believe in the affirmation. Use affirmations that you resonate with. For example “Only Love and Light are allowed in my auric field.” The more you say affirmations the more effective they will be for you.

The more you use one or more of these techniques, the more empowered and grounded you will be with handling any disgruntled customers or people that come your way that are of different energy frequencies.

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